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Megan Bloom

Billing Specialist

As a mother of six beautiful children, three of whom require extensive therapy and support, I intimately understand the importance of access to quality healthcare services. This personal experience drives my passion for the work I do in the Medical Billing field.


In my role as a Billing Specialist, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table.  My educational journey includes certifications from renowned institutions such as the U.S. Career Institute for Medical Billing and Coding, T.U. & Vision Training Systems for Medical Coding and Billing ICD 9-ICD 10, as well as Colorado University where I acquired certifications in Early Childhood Education and Development, along with the Pyramid Plus Approach and Infant Safety Program.

What truly motivates me in this field is the profound sense of fulfillment and understanding that I can make a tangible difference in the lives of families. Without the assistance of dedicated medical billers, accessing crucial services for my children would be significantly more difficult. This personal experience fuels my commitment to ensuring families receive the financial support they need to access essential services. I take pride in facilitating smooth interactions between therapists and families, ensuring accurate billing and seamless processes. My dedication stems from a genuine passion for supporting both parents and children on their journey to wellness.

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