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Stephanie's journey into the world of neurodivergent support and therapy began with a deeply personal experience as the mother of both a neurodivergent son and a neurotypical daughter. Her son became the driver for this transformative journey when he started physical therapy and speech therapy at a 15 months. By the age of 18 months, her son was actively engaged in speech therapy and occupational therapy and other support therapies, marking the inception of Stephanie's realization of the profound impact that genuine connections in therapy can have on a child's growth and overall positivity.

Motivated by this realization, Stephanie, her son's speech therapist and occupational therapist, co-founded Connection Therapy Clinic. Their vision was to create more than just a clinical space; they aspired to build a unique space. A nurturing environment where neurodivergent children could thrive through child-led, play-based therapy, emphasizing an approach that extends seamlessly from the clinic setting to the familial home.

Connection Therapy Clinic has evolved into a steadfast pillar of support, dedicated to empowering families and fostering community well-being. The clinic's mission, "We want this place to be like your comfort food," reflects Stephanie's commitment to cultivating an inviting space where acceptance, inclusivity, and respect are not merely principles but ingrained in the fabric of the clinic's culture.

Beyond the clinic's physical space, Stephanie's commitment to the community shines through the tagline, "Empowering families, supporting the community." This phrase encapsulates her dedication to extending the positive impact of the clinic beyond individual families. Stephanie recognizes the importance of community support in creating an environment where neurodivergent individuals can thrive.

Stephanie, drawing from her diverse experiences in various clinics, neurodivergent programs, and therapeutic settings, realized the need for a better way to support children, families, and even the therapists involved. This insight has played a pivotal role in shaping the innovative and family-centered approach at Connection Therapy Clinic.

Stephanie's role extends beyond being the founder of the Connection Therapy Clinic; she is a community change maker, actively driving inclusivity and promoting autism acceptance. Her journey as a mother, coupled with her commitment to continuous learning, positions her as a compassionate ally within the neurodivergent support community. Stephanie's tireless advocacy work goes beyond the confines of the clinic walls as she actively participates in professional networks, staying abreast of the latest research and developments to bring the best possible support to the families under her care.

Connect with Stephanie not just for her professional expertise, but for a shared understanding of the transformative power of affirming, family-centered therapy.


Stephanie invites you to be a part of the Connection Therapy Clinic community, where real connections are made, and magic happens – a space where the journey of every family is understood, celebrated, and supported.

Advocating in the community

Stephanie is a passionate advocate for neurodivergent individuals, speaking at conferences and podcasts to promote inclusivity and autism acceptance. Committed to empowering families, she shares insights on the transformative power of family-centered therapy.


Want to connect with Steph, contact her below.

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